Charles Darwin Signed Note

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A wonderful scarce piece, all in Darwin’s hand.
Charles Darwin, 1808-1882, English naturalist and geologist, most famous for his Theory of Evolution, a scientific hypothesis that there is a branching pattern of evolution that is a result of natural selection, leading him to poignantly say that it is not the strongest species that survive nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change. His compelling evidence of evolution caused an earthquake of objections, arguments, and controversies between those who believed in the Biblical theory of life and those who followed Darwin's extensive research during his voyages on the ship, Beagle, between 1831-1836. Darwinism became a palpable movement that is still discussed today, over two hundred years later. Here is a hand written and signed letter from Charles Darwin thanking a friend for the new edition of an interesting book and letter.

Dear Sir,
I thank you for your great kindness in having sent me the new Edition of your book.
Yours with much respect. I am very glad to read it.
C. H. Darwin

The bottom of the stationery reads that it was printed by L. Deare of New Brunswick, This place was in business as a stationery printer since 1812. The bottom scroll from this printer is a fascinating bit of history. You do not see this very often. The signature "Ch. Darwin" and the handwriting of the body of the letter do not match (in my opinion) and thus the note itself was likely written by an assistant. The signature is authentic.


Actual Charles Darwin Note, Signed



Charles Darwin Signature