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Ever wanted a pin that you could put on your lapel? Or as far as that goes, just give to someone as a present? Here is the original DNA pin. A beautiful way to emphasize your interest in molecular biology! This pin would look good anywhere! Get one for yourself and a friend. The DNA pins are shipped 1st class mail (air mail overseas.)



1 DNA Pin


2 DNA Pins



New DNA Pin


Exclusively made for The DNA, this pin is a one of a kind. An inch long, this brass pin will look great anywhere to go and where ever you place it. It is inscribed with "DNA" on the top and then DNA written out........."deoxyribonucleic acid" just below the colored double helix. Finally at the bottom, the words "the shape of life".



This does have its own page.






1 DNA Pin

2 DNA Pins




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