DNA Beaker Mug

Beaker Mug with DNA ImprintItem SKU: BEA2

The DNA Beaker Mugs are here. We have produced these beaker mugs with science in mind. Not only are they wonderful 400 mL beaker mugs (perfect size) but these will amaze your friends, students or the casual individual. We have sturdy handles on the 400 mL beakers - and going through the handle is a beautiful artist drawing of the famous DNA molecule. Just plain cool

I must admit that I have used these as birthday gifts and as wedding gifts to a scientists. They are unique and one of a kind. Each mugs comes in it's own box.

We also have the same mug without the DNA imprint on the side.

Large beaker mug features a handle for easy carrying and a lip around the top to prevent dripping. Mugs are made of borosilicate glass and are graduated every 100 mL from 100 to 400 mL.



400 ml



Graduation interval

every 100 mL


Borosilicate glass





Six of Beaker Mugs (perfect gift!)


Beaker Mug with DNA Imprint
Beaker Mug with DNA Imprint
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