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This necklace is one of our best. It is about 1.5 inches x .5 inches. It is the perfect size to call attention to the double helix without screaming look at me. We are sure that you will not only love the size, but the expert quality of this item. So well done, you will fall instantly in love with it. The silver chain also comes with this pendant - in fact, this is the only piece of jewelry sold at The DNA Store, that comes with a chain.





Just in...........we had these made in solid silver. So seldom is jewellry made in solid silver (often it is just coated in silver). This large pendant is solid 925 silver, and so is the necklace. Just beautiful ........... if you must have the very best, then this is it.


Solid 925 Silver




DNA Earrings

We now offer some of the sharpest DNA earrings at the best price you could ever find!

These are built for every day use. They can serve as formal earrings or just casual use.




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Our newest:


Or you can purchase 2 for $25.95 (that is quite the deal)


DNA Earrings

Made exclusively for The DNA Store, we now offer this stunning pair of DNA earrings at a cost that you cannot say "no". These are the real show stoppers. As soon as the mould was made we knew these would be on the list of best sellers. Accurately designed to be authentic segments of DNA, you will have people looking and asking at the same time. These earrings are about 1 inch in length. Please note that the pendant is the same size. They are made of a cupronickel alloy.


Pure 925 silver (solid silver) earrings:


DNA pendant

Pure 925 silver (solid silver) pendant:


DNA DNA Gold Earrings Pendant

Exclusively made for The DNA, these earrings and pendant will be an instant hit with anyone knowing anything about biology. Accurately made in 14K gold, they are perfect replica's of the DNA strand, with the sugar, phosphates on the outside and the bases on the inside. These earrings are solid 14K gold.




Feel free to check out the web page on this work of art.



DNA Gold Earrings





DNA Gold Pendant



Here is the same design as the gold, but in cupro-nickel. We just cannot emphasize the artistry that is in each and every piece that you see, wow.

Silver Earrings

Silver Pendant






These new X and Y pins are just suburb. They have a lovely color to them and will go with anything. We are pricing these as the "best deal around." They may be purchased separately or as a pair - either way these are fun items to wear or give as gifts. To give you an idea on size, the X chromosome is just a bit more than 3/4's of an inch long, so they make a statement without being overpowering. Each has a normal pin attachment on the back (we did not show the attachment.) You just can't go wrong with the quality or the price on these chromosomes.





1 pair of X and Y Pins




1 X Pin

1 Y Pin










Similar to the cufflinks above, this is a exclusive offering. This also has the impressive Cloisonné inlay which makes this such an outstanding piece of jewelry. Very reasonably priced. Note: The sugar/phosphate sides look black in this picture, they are really brass colored.

Store owners, feel free to contact us at




Ever wanted a pin that you could put on your lapel? Or as far as that goes, just give to someone as a present? Here is the original DNA pin. A beautiful way to emphasize your interest in molecular biology! This pin would look good anywhere! Get one for yourself and a friend. The DNA pins are shipped 1st class mail (air mail overseas.) Note: The sugar/phosphate sides look black, they are really brass colored.


Do you have a number of folks you would like to give these out to? Ask us for our prices on 50, or 100 or more!


1 DNA Pin


2 DNA Pins




Lastly, the perfect pin for a man or a woman. A simple statement about your interest or love of DNA. Finally, a fantastic price on this piece - you will never see a better price! Has a straight pin back for placement anywhere. Perfect for that special gift to your boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher or just for you. This picture can be misleading since the entire pin is gold color (the picture makes it look dark on the outside).

Do you have a number of folks you would like to give these out to?
Ask us for our prices on 50, or 100 or more!



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Please feel free to visit out sister store that specializes in Dominican amber with identified insects. Amberica West has all types from exotic insects to amber jewelry. You will enjoy your visit - it is a very unique store.

Also there is a unique site for exclusive and specialized Dominican amber at the Amber Mine.

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We do accept purchase orders!

Finally, if you feel more comfortable, feel free to call us at 719-937-6762 (this is in the United States).

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