DNA Desk Statue

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We have released this unique model of a DNA double helix. The base is about t 3 x 3 inches and the DNA is about 7 inches high. One way to mentally view this is that it is about the size of a bobblehead - except it is a DNA strand that does not 'bobble'.

Perfect for the desk, you will draw a lot of attention to this one a kind work of art. Not to be found anywhere else, except here at the DNA store, we offer this to you at a beautiful price of $15.95 each or 3 for $31.90.

Each comes packed in styrofoam nestled in a white cardboard container. A sure winner for anyone interested in DNA or genetics. A perfect gift for yourself, a special teacher, graduate or just as a desk ornament. The base is such that you could even put a bronze plaque on it with someone's name or a company logo. The space available is about 2.5 inches x .5 inches. Needless to say we do not do engraving - that is up to you. Whatever you do, you are certain to love this model.

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DNA Model Desk Statue
DNA Model Desk Statue
DNA Model Desk Statue
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