Replicating DNA Pendant

Replicating DNAReplicating DNA pendant

Here is a beautiful replicating DNA pendant. The pendant is about 2 inches x 1.5 inches. This is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that admirably shows the DNA molecule replicating. The necklace comes with the pendant. Note that even the necklace is shaped like a twisted DNA helix. Fun and easy to wear, you will not find yourself at a loss of words when wearing this beauty. The necklace itself is about 14 inches in length.

This comes in two types of metals. The first one is brass with Rhodium plating (this is still silver looking). The other necklace is made of pure 925 silver. 925 is silver that will not tarnish. Otherwise you would have a very hard time monthly polishing your replicating DNA pendant. Neither one will tarnish on you.

Pendant in Silver Color


Pendant in pure Silver (925)


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